Navigating our world

All key areas within our server are accessible from fast travel points, located in key towns and hotspot areas. These fast travel points are usually identified by a nearby travel cart or merchant boat, and are used by shift right clicking the warp signs in these areas.

Some server owned towns also offer land for sale, allowing players to set up homes and stores in key locations.

Finally, there are also stargates at some server owned locations, allowing for players to navigate directly to these key locations if they have stargate access.

A fast travel point located in Home City.

Claiming land

You can claim land by using the Greif Prevention plugin. To start off you’ll need to craft or find a golden shovel, which you will be able to use to mark out a plot of land to claim. Players have a finite amount of blocks which they can claim. You can earn more claim blocks by being active on the server, as every hour will provide you with 16 extra blocks automatically. Alternatively, look out for server events with claim block rewards. For detailed commands on how to properly claim land, visit our plugins help page.

Land can also be purchased directly from the server in certain towns and cities. Usually these plots of land are marked for sale with signs and a property value. To purchase these, get in touch with a moderator or administrator in game.

Houses for sale at Home City

Shops and stalls

There are various shops located within the D3.XYZ DDSS world, with the most prominent ones being located in the Port Town (Spawn location) and in Home City, of which both areas can be accessed by using the fast travel carts or boats.

To use a store, shift and LMB/RMB to buy and sell. You can also shift and hover your mouse cursor above a chest, to see what items are for sale inside.

Smithy shop located in Ruinberg, selling repairs, enchants and smithing essentials