What is Dungeons, Dragons and Spaceshuttles?

DDSS is a very heavy modpack, featuring over 300 mods and 1750+ quests. There is a heavy technical and magic presence in the pack and the crafting systems of each mod have been overhauled to provide a more balanced and involved approach. A large number of recepies have been changed from the original modpacks to further involve big workbenches (5×5, 7×7 and 9×9 crafting).

Key features

  • Multiple technical and magical mods.
  • Customised hunger and food nutrition systems.
  • over 1750+ quests.
  • Interesting environments, including custom dungeons and more!
  • Integrated economy plugins.
  • Greif Prevention land claiming.
  • EssentialsX Tpa/sethome commands.
  • Fully customisable player Chest Shops.
  • Multiple daily vote rewards.
  • Active and dedicated moderators.
  • Supportive & Friendly player base.
  • All 21+ Age Staff Team.

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