New server modpack update

As we’ve been looking for a new ‘headline’ modpack for our server, we’re exploring the possibility of creating our own custom modpack through Curseforge. Once again, the main deciding factors on the implementation of this modpack are stability and feasability.

Currently, I have managed to host a test server which both myself and DHRAX will be trailing extensively before releasing to the public.

At this stage, we are able to take modpack suggestions. Please do so in the discord server if you feel the need. (Again, please be aware that we will not be following this development route if it becomes unfeasible in the time we have available, so there are no gaurantees that this modpack will be the final server pack).

Kind regards

D3.Xyz admin team.

NB: I have attached the full modlist as of the time of this post. Furthermore, test server access can now be requested at

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