Important D3.XYZ Modpack change update


As D3.XYZ has now become more established, we are coming to terms that the Dungeons, Dragons and Spaceshuttles modpack is not neccesarily the most suitable modpack for us to host long term. In light of this decision, we will soon be swapping over our main server to host the another modpack (note that our modpack decision is not final yet).

The pack we will choose will be reasonably lighter than the DDSS pack we are currently using, and will allow us to more effectively utilise our server capabilities, and will provide a better player experience for everyone.

Dungeons, Dragons and Spaceshuttles end goal

As there are a number of active players currently using the DDSS server, we’ll be attempting to transfer the existing server files to another server if possible, or run it concurrently on the same hardware with the new modpack which we will be launching. We will, however, be whitelisting this game server and keeping player numbers limited. When the transfer is complete you may request access to the ‘DDSS legacy server’ by messaging one of the moderator team, or applying through an online form depending on the process we choose. Until the new server and modpack are available, the existing DDSS server will remain public.

Item transfers

Moderator Dhrax will be in charge of an ‘item transfer’ event between servers. The current method and strategy has not yet decided, but we will be allowing players from the current DDSS server to ‘transfer’ a limited, but fair, number of items to the new modpack.

Development and timescale

We will keep our community updated with any further developments on this change, and will consider any feedback provided in the meantime. For now we will be testing various modpacks in the background.

Unfortunately, I’m working around 50h/week at the moment. In light of this I’m setting a preliminary end goal of two to four weeks until the new modpack becomes live and the DDSS server becomes a legacy modpack.

Kind regards

The D3.Xyz Admin Team

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